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Don’t let the child fill parents habits

Don’t let the child fill parents habits Used for a really important, more important is that we have to understand that what we are cultivating their children’s habits. There was a junior high school student’s father wrote to me and said his son worked very well, loves to read, is too lazy and refuse to do housework. He was really only asking a child to clean his room every day,… Read Article →

Let the children see you love

Let the children see you love Showtime is transferred to our class last year, she looks very cute little aura. However, the first time to do homework, I found her writing at speed, but the handwriting is crooked, not from a hand of the third grade students. I decided to help her. So, direct writing, Showtime’s attention was always asking me from time to time with traction, gradually, she and… Read Article →

The combination of emotion and experience

Cherish life’s truth to say it is easy, but the feeling is more difficult, so parents in the cultivation of children’s habits, to bring more children experience. Whether it is to experience in nature, or in the audio and data experience, or by discussing the experience of the experiment, we should pay attention to in the process of continuous improvement of children’s emotional life, guide them to form an optimistic,… Read Article →

Help children enrich the meaning of life

Some children have suicidal thoughts, often because they think “alive””. The root cause of this idea is to see the value of life is too light, the life of the road too narrow, so either to learn as a whole life, or to own a small target (such as buy brand-name clothing, see the eyes of the idol, piano through 9, body good, beauty, etc.) as the only pursuit of… Read Article →

Help children understand the value and significance of life

Feel for others “emotional transfer method”. As said before, a lot of people say that life is precious, say to love life, cherish life. But some people have given up the life in the face of difficulties or hit, and some people are using some “small” damage to the life. Why is this so? The root cause is that they have no real experience of life is so precious, lost… Read Article →

Cultivate good behavior habits

Parents know that children need to use a good education method. What is a good way to do? In my opinion, the best and most effective method of education for children is to develop good habits. A mother with me said: “my child really suck, too many bad habits, do not love to write operations, greedy snack, spending money, all day glued to the television, you say you do? I… Read Article →