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Don’t let the child fill parents habits

Don’t let the child fill parents habits Used for a really important, more important is that we have to understand that what we are cultivating their children’s habits. There was a junior high school student’s father wrote to me and said his son worked very well, loves to read, is too lazy and refuse to do housework. He was really only asking a child to clean his room every day,… Read Article →

Let the children see you love

Let the children see you love Showtime is transferred to our class last year, she looks very cute little aura. However, the first time to do homework, I found her writing at speed, but the handwriting is crooked, not from a hand of the third grade students. I decided to help her. So, direct writing, Showtime’s attention was always asking me from time to time with traction, gradually, she and… Read Article →

Share stories – who is the son of the earth

In the training of parents under the son finally bear bitter hardships, the University, arguably, the parents have a rest. But the 63 year old father to his son wrote this letter: Since you were admitted to the University, the only one who has been the only one who has been out of the house for our family has been confused. Although you have broken my heart, but you are… Read Article →

Environmental influence – with a positive attitude to life influence children

In the view of psychology, the environment factor is that some social, cultural, effects of climate and geography. Among them, the social and cultural factors of the individual physiological and psychological development has significantly if the art to be a decisive influence, generally referred to as social environment. Du can also be divided into macro social environment and social environment, the former mainly refers to the social culture, the latter… Read Article →

Life education can not be less

Parents should create more opportunities, let the children feel, his life is not only their own, but also belong to their parents and many of his people love him. For example, let the children understand that their growth is a lot of people to make a hard work: first of all, mom and Dad, Grandpa still milk, followed by brother group sister, relatives and friends, there are so much to… Read Article →

Using film literary works to make children feel the meaning of life

Maybe you will think that the above approach seems to be more suitable for lower grade children. In fact, not only is the empathy of the small animals, but it can be the feelings of other things transfer. For older children, through the feelings of other things that lead to children’s love of life, for example, movies, television, novels or literary works, some praise life, praise the human power of… Read Article →