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How to educate children five years old

Typical behavior of five years old children: starting to learn how to stand in the position of others to think the other party will be what kind of feelings; have been able to understand the rules, but also can do some simple housework. However, he will go beyond the boundaries to test you, to see what you have response; although the goal is far from the ideal, but compared with… Read Article →

Don’t let the child fill parents habits

Don’t let the child fill parents habits Used for a really important, more important is that we have to understand that what we are cultivating their children’s habits. There was a junior high school student’s father wrote to me and said his son worked very well, loves to read, is too lazy and refuse to do housework. He was really only asking a child to clean his room every day,… Read Article →

Let the children see you love

Let the children see you love Showtime is transferred to our class last year, she looks very cute little aura. However, the first time to do homework, I found her writing at speed, but the handwriting is crooked, not from a hand of the third grade students. I decided to help her. So, direct writing, Showtime’s attention was always asking me from time to time with traction, gradually, she and… Read Article →

To evaluate in time – two to promote the habit formation

Although the habit is the behavior level, but in the habit formation effect evaluation, but to know, love, meaning, line four aspects to investigate. This is because a good behavior is used to form the basic pattern, mainly by. Know, love, meaning, line. Son composition. When we started to study this issue, it has been focused on the principle of the habit formation (see “children’s education is to develop good… Read Article →

Constantly inspire children to accept life

Some schools in the cultivation of students’ love life habits, take the following activities, parents may wish to refer to: See who’s looking more. The teacher asked the students to observe the leaves of the same tree, and then asked the students if they had found the same two leaves, and then asked the students to select the two pieces of leaves that looked like the same as the other…. Read Article →

The more specific to the child’s request, the better the child.

To cultivate children’s love of life good habits, it is to give children strict requirements, and can not generally tell the child, you want to love yourself. You have to cherish life, these words do not have much effect on the child. A nursery for small class children to cherish life. In the habit of training, they ask the children the following requirements are as follows. (1) take an active… Read Article →

Clear rules – the more specific requirements the more good for child

Determine the meaning of life education according to the age of the child. Cherish life, say it is easy, but it is often overlooked. This is because life is born, it seems to have no or no need to be able to get through the efforts, so many people in good health, vitality, and not feel life is particularly valuable. Therefore, in guiding children to develop this habit, to give… Read Article →

To love oneself is the beginning of all love.

According to the Chongqing Evening News March 2010 on the 9th reported: female students Xiaolin university after graduation, through the network engaged in the liberal professions, but in the organs when the leadership of the mother think of this work is not stable enough, just to scare up around her daughter into the organs end “iron rice bowl”, but is repeatedly refuse her daughter. Last December, after a dispute, the… Read Article →