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Don’t let the child fill parents habits

Don’t let the child fill parents habits Used for a really important, more important is that we have to understand that what we are cultivating their children’s habits. There was a junior high school student’s father wrote to me and said his son worked very well, loves to read, is too lazy and refuse to do housework. He was really only asking a child to clean his room every day,… Read Article →

Let the children see you love

Let the children see you love Showtime is transferred to our class last year, she looks very cute little aura. However, the first time to do homework, I found her writing at speed, but the handwriting is crooked, not from a hand of the third grade students. I decided to help her. So, direct writing, Showtime’s attention was always asking me from time to time with traction, gradually, she and… Read Article →

Children compassion where gone?

A teacher took the students to watch. 2007 moved to China’s top ten characters – Meng Xiangbin’s heroic deeds. Film Yu Xiangbin was born in April 9, 1979 in Shandong County of Qihe Province Liu Qiao Zhen Liu Qiao Cun a peasant family. After graduating from high school in 1997, to join the army Lanzhou Military Region, an artillery regiment; later admitted to the Chinese people’s Liberation PLA Information Engineering… Read Article →